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  • Mike Gorlon

    Mike Gorlon

    Accountant, part-time investor, reader, blogger. I use this platform to improve my thinking and writing. www.mikegorlon.com

  • Megan Regnerus

    Megan Regnerus

    Writer, editor, lover of figuring stuff out…www.meganregnerus.com

  • Tao Lin

    Tao Lin

    I’m the author of Leave Society (2021), Trip (2018), Taipei (2013), other books. Visit my website at https://taolin.us.

  • Johnathan Nightingale

    Johnathan Nightingale

    Editor of https://mfbt.ca. Partner @rawsignalgroup. Board @creativecommons. Former CPO @Hubba, GM @Firefox. Dad. | It’s all made of people.

  • Reid Hoffman

    Reid Hoffman

    Entrepreneur. Investor. Strategist.

  • Rachelle Hadley

    Rachelle Hadley

  • Chelsi Moy

    Chelsi Moy

    Bay Area journalist. Montana native. Skier. UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism alum (@ucbsoj).

  • Lora Straub

    Lora Straub

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